Your education should be a fulfilling and flexible experience that allows you to take the next step in your career.

Credits2Careers translates your military service into college credits to give you a headstart on your degree - saving you time and money.

Don't enter a degree program blind. You deserve to know that your desired career is within reach.


You've invested time, energy and heart into your military career, and getting a college degree can seem like returning to square one.

You may worry that, after years of hard work in the military, your accomplishments might not be recognized in the next phase of your life.

My Service

Build a record of your prior learning and experiences to get an estimate of college credits you can apply towards a VCCS program. We'll help you identify where you can get credits for:

Military experience and certifications

Previous education or degrees

Civilian work and certifications

You worked hard during your military career and VCCS will reward you by making sure you get credit for your experience - all before an application is ever submitted.

  • Get a headstart on your college degree or other program with course credits for your military experience and prior education.
  • Save time and avoid costs with fewer courses needed to complete program requirements.

My Education

Build your free Credits2Careers portfolio and discover how many potential majors could align with your passions and experience.

Explore academic programs related to your military experience

Explore programs at any VCCS campuses

You deserve a civilian career that brings you purpose and aligns with your military experience and passions.

My Future

Explore career paths you can pursue after earning your degree. For each potential career, you'll be provided with a job description, as well as resources related to the technology and certifications that will be important for that particular career.

Toward the end of your degree program, you can then use this section of the portal to explore current job openings in any location across the country.

Search for jobs currently available

Explore potential careers related to your degree

Discover real time data around potential salary, current level employment

How It Works
Build Your Profile Build your portfolio

Easily and quickly create a free Credits2Careers portfolio. Import your Joint Services Transcript or Community College of the Air Force Web Progress Report into the portal, which will then extract and record all components of your military career for which credit can be granted by VCCS colleges. Then, amplify your portfolio with additional courses, examinations, credentials, certifications or other achievements to see if additional credit can be granted.

Get instant estimates for your estimate Get instant estimates for your experience

Based on the information in your Credits2Careers portfolio, instantly get an estimate of your Credits for Prior Learning. You will be able to review academic programs and associated degree maps that illustrate how your credits are applied. Explore degree and non-degree programs by field of study and identify the VCCS colleges that offer them.

Explore Possible Careers Explore possible careers

The Credits2Careers portal will take into account your military occupation classification, personal interests, interest evaluations and present you with the higher education programs offered by VCCS colleges for any career, as well as earnings potential tuned to the specific geographic area where they are interested in living.

When the time comes, the platform also houses a resume builder and allows access to a comprehensive national database of jobs tuned to the specific area where you are interested in transitioning to make the process as simple as possible.

Contact Advisor Contact An Advisor

If you have any questions about C2C, your estimated credits for prior learning documented in My Service, or as you explore your academic or career options, you can request to connect to any advisor at any of the VCCS colleges you are considering. You will be notified by email when an advisor is assigned to you at each of the colleges you have indicated in your request. Once you have been assigned an advisor, you can message them from within C2C.



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